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We’re a close-knit team that specialise in creating online solutions.

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We’re a close-knit team that specialise in creating online solutions.


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Hammarsdale Industrial Park

A website design that transcends ‘industrial’. Creating an eco-friendly brand to attract major clients in the transportation/storage market

Our client, who owns an industrial park along a popular commercial transport route, wanted a website with a brand image that speaks of their eco-philosophy within a traditionally ruffian industry.

Located within a largely untouched nature park, Hammarsdale Industrial Park (HIP) is a natural extension to the existing Hammarsdale Industrial precinct and offers manufacturing, warehousing and logistics businesses in particular, an affordable and attractive location to consider expanding or relocating to.

In this fully-responsive website, you’ll find the design to be contemporary in it’s use of bold color choices and functional form. We believe it accomplishes it’s goal by making new clients feel that they’re entering into a high-class relationship that they can be proud of.

Kick Ass

A new health-focused performance supplement that really does Kick Ass! And an e-commerce site to go with it.

Our client had been developing a new supplement for a couple of years and started to lose track of things. They approached us to try and breathe new life into their project – something that shouts energy and determination. After spending their tireless efforts bringing a competitive product to market, they now have a kick ass online platform to match.

Fluidity Pilates

Grace, poise and integrity. The key ingredients in the building of this website – one that matches the Pilates artform.

Our client is an accomplished artist in multiple fields with an attention to detail that we knew would result in a design nothing short of exceptional. Needless to say, her approval was achieved. The form of this website just flows – like any piece of art should.

This is a great example of an uncomplicated one-page website that is perfect for any small business. It exists for the primary purpose of showcasing and legitimising a companies’ services in a professional and accomplished manner.

Gear Garage

Peer-to-peer camera-gear rentals platform. A startup revolutionising the game in Cape Town, South Africa. We helped make a dream on a budget come true.

We were thrilled to join the journey of such an awesome entrepreneurial duo. We worked with them every step of the way- from brand conceptualisation to business strategising – we really do feel a part of the crew with our new friends over at Gear Garage. The design gives a grungy look and feel, while the custom iconography creates a sense of trust in the user – a very important aspect in this case. The function of this project is it’s stand-out feature; Vendors can set up their own store on the site complete with location API’s, booking calendars, payment gateway, and feature-rich dashboard (show-casing all their analytics).
Stratus Web Solutions web design portfolio

Goodlife Organic

Once upon a time all food was organic. We delivered a web solution to an established wholesaler, helping them to automate their business more to accommodate for their expansion

Food free from harmful pesticides, genetically-modified organisms and dubious additives. Goodlife Organic is an established producer and wholesaler of popular food-stuffs in South Africa. They had been expanding and desperately needed to automate their ordering and sales in order to keep up with demand. Queue Stratus Web Solutions. We created a system whereby only registered wholesalers have access to product pricing and order forms. After this successful venture, we’ve now established a great on-going business friendship in which we collaborate often.
Stratus Web Solutions web design portfolio

SDG Technologies

Technology that gives you the edge- and a re-built website to match. This B2B project aims to simplify and make relatable, an otherwise complicated, technical, jargon-filled service.

We won’t bore you with the details of what they do and how they do it, but what we will say is that we were a perfect fit for the client due to the engineering experience within Stratus itself! We spent a ton of time getting to understand our customer in order to relate their information in a more digestible way. The result is a brand that is now much more approachable and able to turn over leads through their up-to-date online marketing tool!
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