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We’re a close-knit team that specialise in Web Design and creating online solutions.

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We’re a close-knit team that specialise in Web Design and creating online solutions.


We’re a close-knit team that specialise in Web Design and creating online solutions.

What we do

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We create ultra-modern web designs that leave a lasting impact, combining function with form. Never using templates, we ensure your company remains as unique online as it is in real-life, setting you apart from your competitors. You can also expect your website to be completely optimised for mobile, tablet and PC.

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Whether you’re a small start-up or a well-established business, we’ll help you transition to the world of online sales, creating a website that works for you to rack in the sales. We combine your new, uniquely designed website with tried and trusted functionality; unlimited products, secure payment gateways and user-registrations.

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Stratus Web Solutions E-commerce

Problem-solving is what we love to best! We provide highly customisable web services, with functionality tailored to almost any of your needs. Whether you’re starting the next Amazon, or the next innovative peer-to-peer system, we’ve got you covered. We’ll work with you to come up up with the best strategy to achieve your goals. By implementing the massive and versatile world of WordPress we can deliver a great product at an affordable price.

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Stratus Web Solutions Custom WordPress

Make your customers’ first association with your company a memorable one, and their second association instantly recognisable. Our logo and branding design process strives to create meaningful imagery that communicates your company values and defines it’s image.

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Stratus Web Solutions Logo Design

As we know, content is king, so what would a website be without it? Customers want to know what your business is about and to learn about your products and services, building a sense of trust and engagement. All our websites come standard with SEO-minded copywriting assistance, as two brains is better than one.

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Stratus Web Solutions Copywriting

If Google doesn’t like your website, then it’ll be lost to oblivion. That’s why practicing good SEO strategies and techniques is the focus of our design process, delivering a website that’s mobile-friendly and keyword-happy, getting you to rise through the ranks organically. Without getting into too much jargon, we focus on all the nitty-gritty to get your site ranking better. Meta tags, alt tags, keywords, competitor analysis, link building…the list goes on!

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Stratus Web Solutions SEO

Why choose us

You’ll love working with us. Since we’re a small organisation, our process is refreshingly flexible and personable. We seek to discover exactly what it is that your company wants to bring into this world, working passionately to build a successful and visually-appealing product that meets your exact business needs.

Our powerful website hosting

No great building was ever built on weak foundations.
It’s no different for websites. With the systems we use, you’re rock-solid!

Top-Notch Security

All of our websites come standard with SSL certificates and are constantly monitored to keep your site hacker-free. And if your site does somehow get compromised, we’ll fix it for free!

Staging for Every Site

Get access to your very own dress-rehearsal before the show goes live! You’ll get a private link to view your staging site at various intervals while it gets developed.

Blazing-Fast Site Speeds

On top of utilising all the best design practices, our hosting uses the Google Cloud platform with CDN (Content Delivery Network) and WordPress-specific caching. This results in some serious speeds.

World-Class Hosting

We provide a world-class level of managed WordPress hosting. To ensure things are as they should be, we provide 24/7 support if needed, giving you peace-of-mind.


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How we work

To get you warmed up, here’s a brief overview of what’s to come.



We work with you to learn what it is that makes your business tick. For instance your core strategies, who your customers are, and your marketing objectives. We listen in order to learn, and are ready to lead confidently with advice when needed.



Once we get through all the technicalities, we begin building the aesthetic vision into the website design. Specifically one that is driven by your companies' culture. After all that is done we'll get back to you with a PDF file of a design that we think is awesome! This is the best and most creative part.



In the event that you may not be happy with our proposed website design, we'll go back to the design stage and make all the necessary changes. Although this process is inevitably iterative, it is crucial to getting the best website possible. All in all, communication is key.



We'll provide you with a live, yet private link to view your website. At this stage we may need go back to the iterative and design steps, but we're almost finished. A change here, an adjustment there, and to the world your website we'll share! Together we can track the performance of your website and fine-tune through user-testing.

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